Business Strategy + Coaching for business owners that feel stuck.

so it’s time for that professional look to match the business you’ve been working so hard to build. 

Fist Pump!

You feel like your current business and brand isn’t attracting the right work and most of all, it's not showing you as the real established business you are. You don't want to be seen as a hobbyist anymore. You want to be seen as a professional. 

You want a business that fulfills you, because life is short, and why not live your dream now, there's no sense in waiting.


a design process that digs deep

giving you the clarity you crave, and a solid direction to move forward 


The more I learn about branding, the more I realize just how much it encompasses. That it touches every aspect of your business, and when done right, will lay the foundation for building a successful business.

Early last year, I myself invested in brand strategy for my business because I was confused, burnt out, uninspired and lacked the clarity of why I was even doing this. That strategy changed my life, and reaffirmed that branding is everything in your business.

Brand strategy is part of every project, allowing us to dig deep into what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and how you do it differently. Giving you the clarity of what makes you special, and why you choose this business day in and day out.

I take on just 1-2 clients at a time, and work through a 4-week process to bring your brand + website to life.

Before working with Megan, I felt like it had potential but no real direction. It felt like it was floundering and kind of unsure. Now I feel like a real brand! I know the direction it is going and I don’t keep starting over from scratch when marketing or making content. I feel more focused because I know what my brand it all about. I would recommend this business to both people starting out a business or looking to regain direction and re-evaluate their business through a branding refresh (as I did).
— Kaitlin, Owner of Kajio Perfumery

brand & website design package.

This package gives you the branding and website that will finally feel like “you”. Giving you the confidence to show off your business and book all those clients you’ve been day-dreaming about.

It includes a full brand design [logo, brand guide, business cards etc.], brand strategy to pin point your ideal clients, a custom Squarespace website that integrates your new look and step by step support the whole way.

Here’s exactly what you get:

Brand + Website Strategy

We will have a 2-hour brand strategy call talking all about your business, goals, ideal client and client processes. This will be the foundation of your brand + business, and you’ll get an entire strategy document outlining all our findings! Our strategy includes clearly explaining what you do, your target market, distinguishing characteristics, brand values, brand voice, mission statement and the “why” behind your business.

Custom logo design, colour palette and patterns

Using all the research and foundation building, I will create one logo concept reflecting everything we've discussed and your entire brand concept displayed through your marketing materials. You'll get a full colour palette with all the codes so you can use them everywhere! Each pattern brings depth to your brand and all of them are custom for you. 

Brand guidelines + strategy document

A full document outlining your logo, colours, patterns, and design examples so you know how they all work together. Your brand strategy will be in the same document making it easy reference for your new brand!

Three marketing materials

Every package comes with three marketing pieces to make your processes easier, or help elevate your brand! Some popular choices include:

  • Business card

  • Welcome package,

  • Pricing guide

  • Product packaging

  • Email signature

  • Blog post templates

  • Email opt-in

  • Instagram story templates

We can customize just about anything though, and can include any other material that isn’t listed above.

Custom six-page Squarespace website with content

Installation and set-up of a Squarespace website. Including choosing the theme best suited for you, and customizing it to display your beautiful new brand! Custom six-page, Squarespace website including home, about, contact, work, services and blog pages.

Website content is included for you, because writing about yourself is the hardest thing! We’ve added an expert copywriter to the team to take your brand strategy + voice and transform it into content that sells! Additional pages and e-commerce options available at an extra cost.

Tutorials + Education

A folder filled with all your branding goodies so you can launch with ease. Plus tutorials and training videos you know how to use all these new assets and website!


turnaround time: 4 weeks

investment starts at for brand only $2,800 || brand + website $4,200


a peek into the process.



After reviewing your application, we’ll hop on a totally free video chat to get to know each other a little better. We’ll be working closely over the course of our project, so making sure we’re a good fit is important!



We dig deep into your business and review your questionnaires/homework. We kick off our project with a 2-hour strategy call that will give you the clarity you need in your business, and address any hang-ups or frustrations you're currently facing. 



I will take all our research, questionnaires and strategy call notes and work with an expert copywriter to transform it into a brand strategy document that outlines what you do, who you do it for, how you do it differently and why you do it. This is the clarity you are looking for!



I take everything we’ve uncovered from your business and turn it into a fleshed out concept. You will only see the fully executed version of your brand, so you can see how each piece fits together, to create a cohesive, professional, consistent look.



We will create your brand new website, showcasing your professional brand, and establishing you as the expert you are using content that aligns with your new brand, and connects and converts your audience into paying clients and customers.



Educating my clients, and empowering you to USE your new brand is important to me! You will get a set of brand guidelines, all the templates and files, and training videos walking you through how to use your new website. You’ll never have to guess how to do something.


Praise from past clients. 

Before working with Megan, I felt like it had potential but no real direction. It felt like it was floundering and kind of unsure. Now I feel like a real brand! I know the direction it is going and I don’t keep starting over from scratch when marketing or making content. I feel more focused because I know what my brand it all about. I would recommend this business to both people starting out a business or looking to regain direction and re-evaluate their business through a branding refresh (as I did).
— Kaitlin, Owner of Kajio Perfumery
You are creative and efficient. I am nothing but impressed with you. I am confident to put my brand out there knowing that it has both captured my vision and has beautiful visuals.

Over-exceed my expectations, and I would work with you again! I highly recommend anyone running a creative business to work with you. You captured my heart beautifully.
— Ashley, from Ashley Beaudin
Megan created a brand identity that perfectly suits my ideal customer. I struggled to articulate my what I wanted my branding to convey, but Megan was able to take all of my thoughts and turn them into a beautiful and intentional design. My business now has more authority because my brand looks as professional and cohesive as my care for my clients is. I highly recommend Little Dot Creative not only for the design, but the seamless client experience.
— Rae, Owner of Productive Co.

It’s time to have a brand that truly represents you

Giving you confidence, clarity, and a consistent look across your entire brand. 


We’re the perfect fit if:

  • You’ve DIYed your logo before, and it has never really felt like it’s matching up to your true potential.

  • You want a cohesive and consistent brand and website, so there’s no guesswork when you need to post an image to instagram, or need a new blog post image.

  • You have big goals on the horizon and need your brand to support you. You want to look more polished and professional so you can increase your prices, offer new services and be seen as an expert.

  • You have no idea how to create an ideal client profile, or a mission statement, or come up with your business values.

  • You’ve been doing this business thing for a little bit now, but this whole strategy thing is a little daunting, and you just need someone to take all the thoughts in your head, and brain dump and transform it into real words that make sense!

We’re not a good fit if:

  • You insist on designing everything yourself. Leave the design work up to me, sit back, grab a coffee and keep doing what you do best.

  • You know “exactly” what you want your brand to look like and just need someone to produce it. All of my designs are custom to each client, and based off of our discovery phase including research into your target market, and defining who your brand is.

  • You’re not ready to invest in yourself and propel your brand forward.

  • All you need is a “logo” or just a website re-design. All of my brand packages are comprehensive and include so much more then just a logo (because your brand is so much more than that!). I also only work on websites when a solid brand is already in place, or you book the brand + website package.


who am I?

Let's get to know each other a bit

Working for other people has never worked for me. I realized this in the cubical of my first corporate job and was reminded again at my second, and third, full-time job. Often times I felt myself asking “is this all there is left?” “Am I supposed to just sit at this desk for the rest of my life, clocking in and out?” “There has to be more to life than just this!”

"I know, first hand, what you can accomplish when you have a professional looking brand."

I genuinely want to see small business owners succeed in doing what they love. My favourite part is bringing my client’s vision to life and seeing them walk away with a new found confidence in themselves, their business, and their brand.

Along with this business, I love coffee, my black lab Nilla,  a good book and pretty much anything Brene Brown says (she's my #1). If that sounds like your kind of person, then let's meet over coffee and talk about your business!