Services + Apps



I use this to schedule client calls easily and efficiently. It automatically calculates any time changes or time zones. And it comes free with any Squarespace website!


I use this for all my client communication, to host forms, homework, invoices, proposals and workflows. It is an amazing program, and has significantly streamlined my business.


I use this for all my design work, photo editing and client work. Their font database is also amazing through Typekit!


I use this to create videos and training for clients. It's as easy as clicking a button, and takes no time to upload. You can sort your videos for easy access, and send links to anyone who needs to view it. Highly recommend for every business owner!


This gmail add-on allows me to schedule emails to send later (no more 10 p.m. emails from me!) or have emails boomerang back to me after a month to follow up with someone.


Email obvi! But also so much more! This is where I get my custom branded email (, access a ton of add-ons that allow me to schedule emails, create canned responses for things I email all the time, and keep track of my schedule. It's a must for every business owner!


This is by far, the best SEO resource I’ve seen! Meg explains it so clearly, and has a TON of information on her blog of optimizing your website and boosting SEO.


I joined this a few months ago and it has been AHHmazing! Hayley teaches you how to plan for profit, accurately create goals that are achievable, and build a business that is not only systemized and streamlined, but it also a business that supports the life you want to live (even if that's only working 3 hours a day).



By: Mike Michalowitz

This has been amazing for setting up financials within your business to ensure that YOU are making money (ahem, actually paying yourself). Highly recommend for ANY business owner.


By: Brene Brown

This is a must for every business owner. And to be completely honest, any of Brene’s books are a great choice. They are amazing for helping you with vulnerability, so you can change how you show up in your life and business.


By: Jen Sincero

A great read to get past money blocks and start making money in your life! This was instrumental for me in re-wiring thoughts and moving past the scarcity mindset, and into the money making mindset. Highly reccommend!


By: Rachel Hollis

This is one of my all-time favourite self-help books. Rachel has a way of humanizing problems and things we constantly tell ourselves. But most of all, she gives tools, stories and ways to move past these limiting beliefs.


By: Donald Miller

One of the best branding books i’ve read. I think this one is practically highlighted on every page. I learned some of the most pivotal things on branding from this book! If you are dipping your toe into branding, this is a great place to start!


By: Scott + Alison Stratten

This is a quick and easy read, or at least very easily digestible. Each chapter is only a few pages long, and each one features a branding tip, or story about branding.