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“Before, I felt as if my branding was a mess, very inconsistent, everything was semi finished and clearly self done! Now I love it! It's much more cohesive and feels more professional. It also fits me more and gives potential clients more hints about my work than before. Megan listened well to what I wanted, was very thorough in your questions, and everything was clear and easy for me. They definitely lived up to expectations. I think the video explanations of how to make changes was very helpful and exceeded my expectations.”

-Diana, Diana Fast Photography

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“Before working with Megan, I felt like it had potential but no real direction. It felt like it was floundering and kind of unsure. Now I feel like a real brand! I know the direction it is going and I don’t keep starting over from scratch when marketing or making content. I feel more focused because I know what my brand it all about. I would recommend this business to both people starting out a business or looking to regain direction and re-evaluate their business through a branding refresh (as I did).”

— Kaitlin, Owner of Kajio Perfumery

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“Before working with Megan, I felt like my branding was like everyone else in a sense and was just “pretty” with no substance. Now I feel legitimate, professional and approachable. It’s unique to me, and still represents me while targeting the right audience. My expectations were OVER exceeded!”

— Melissa, Melissa Dawn Designs

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“Before going through this process, I didn’t really have a “brand”. I didn’t feel very connected to anything of what I would consider to be my brand. Now it’s like a brand new me! Everything I could have hoped for was actually represented into something I can connect with and hopefully my audience as well. It looks like ME. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect about the branding process. I was new to it but Megan definitely held my hand when I needed it and let me decide things on my own as well. I immediately was able to trust her right off that bat and that speaks for itself! 

The process and deliverables definitely surpassed any of my expectations all of my files are easy to work with. The videos are super helpful and a great resource to include! This process has clarified the ideas and pictures I have had in my brain and put together beautifully.”

— Alyssa, Alyssa Ryan Photography

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