Fall Mastermind

September-November 2019

You do not need another course or program. You need to focus on one thing in your business. 

Not a million things you think you’re going to get done, or an over-ambitious to-do list. You need to work on just one thing that’s going to move your business forward. 

Some ideas to help you get started:

  • Setting up your systems + processes (ahem, that software or system you’ve been putting off, but know is going to create a smoother process for your clients)

  • Creating that course you’ve been wanting to create

  • Launching + creating passive income products

  • Creating and developing new services/programs/products

  • Creating content for your blog, newsletter or social media. 

  • Creating that new website, brand, or copy you’ve been putting off.

  • Whatever else you can dream up, and has been sitting on your to-do list for too long. 

What you get:

I see you over there, working away, just wanting to make a decent living to support yourself and your family. You just want to work on what is inspiring to you and fulfills you!

Take a deep breath.

I am NOT about the hustle. I believe in working smarter, not harder, and alignment before action. This summer is all about creating space for you to re-ignite yourself in your business. To tune into what you really want, and set goals for how the rest of this year is going to play out.

Together we are going to find your path, get you unstuck, and re-ignite that inspiration and fulfillment you so deeply desire.


The Nitty Gritty:

  • Bi-weekly calls recorded so you can replay whenever you need.

  • Unlimited access to me and your mastermind over Voxer for support throughout the week and to stay connected.

  • Guidance through goal + intention setting in the first week, so we can form your plan of attack for the rest of our three months together. 

  • Accountability every single week to help you stay on track.

  • Coaching + help from me in every call so we can work through any struggles or mindset issues as they come up. 

  • Say hello to your new business besties!

A peek inside:

Week One:

Goal Setting + Introductions (get to know your new business besties)

We’ll spend our first call getting to know each other and each business. What you do, who you serve, your products/services, and who you are as a human being! 

Then we’ll dive into setting goals, with step-by-step guidance from me. Here we will determine what you’ll be working on this summer to move your business forward! We will be focusing on small and sustainable, chunking your bigger goal into manageable tasks. We will also work on setting an intention for the summer and determine how you want to feel as this all plays out.

Every Other Week:

Every other week we will check in on your intentions and goals, as well as your wins for the week and anything you are struggling with. Each person will get dedicated time, and the opportunity for feedback and brainstorming from the group.

This is where the magic happens. Every week you’ll have four-five business owners all in a room together, brainstorming and helping you with YOUR goals, struggles and ideas. 

Final Goal Setting:

Once the three months go by, we will check in on your goals and intentions. Because we will be finishing just before December hits, the last week together we will re-do our goal setting, and start brainstorming for 2020. Imagine already having a plan of attack, ready for January before it even starts.


There will be a few guest appearances from industry leaders to help move your business forward, one strategy at a time. These will be confirmed closer too, but think systems strategist, sales coaching, passive income strategists etc.



$333 (CAD)


September 10- November 29, 2019

Every call will be recorded, so you can re-watch as needed, or if you can’t make it.

Group messenger through Voxer for on-going support, accountability and community. 

***Exact days/times of our calls will be confirmed based on everyone’s availability.



What If I can’t make a call?

Every call is recorded so if you miss one, you can re-watch. I’ll ask you to send in your goals and any struggles early, so we can still give you feedback and ideas, to make sure you’re on track.

What is Voxer?

It’s a voice messaging app. We will have our own private group where you can check-in. This is a great place to talk about any struggles or roadblocks as they come up. You won’t need to wait for our next call, instead, you can get immediate feedback. 

How many people will there be?

I like to keep things small and intimate. There will be no more than 5-6 other business owners. Enough people that brainstorming happens easily and effortlessly, but not too many that you get lost in a sea of others. My goal is for you to have at least 15 minutes of dedicated time per call, focused on you and your business. 

I don’t know what I want to work on or what my goal will be. Or I have too many ideas and don’t know where to start!

The first call will be about setting goals and helping you pick what you want to work on. We will cover everything in that first call, so if you don’t know, don’t panic! And if you have too many ideas, that’s a great place to start! In that first call you will pair down and pick the one you want to work on. We have you covered!

When are the calls?

Once all the spots are filled, I’ll send out an availability form and we will pick the best date/time for everyone!