Why Reflection Will Help You Get Unstuck


Why Reflection Will Help You Get Unstuck

No matter where you are in your business journey, or what time of year it is, reflection can be a powerful tool. It’s a great reminder to yourself of just how far you’ve come, even when it feels like you haven’t moved an inch. We are always the most critical of ourselves, and striving for goal after goal without taking a moment to look at what we’ve accomplished.

As business owners, it’s easy to strive and work toward milestones, and the next best thing. When was the last time you celebrated something you’ve accomplished? Whether that was launching something, raising your prices, booking a new client, publishing a blog post, etc.

Last year was a year of growing and connection for me. In fact, my word of the year was connection. For the first time ever, I actually leaned into it and did my absolute best to live that word in every area of my life.

My goal was to connect with myself (through exercise journaling, and working on my mindset), my partner and now husband (through date nights, more communication, trips etc.) and with other business owners. Connecting with other business owners was a game changer for me last year, and it took me on business trips to New Orleans and Nashville where I met some amazing people that are going to pivotal in my business.

I am so proud of myself for making connection a priority and seeing this word come about in ways I never expected.

Whenever I start to feel a little stuck, overwhelmed, or behind, I try to remind myself about just how far i’ve come. At the start of this year I made a list of everything I was able to do in my business and life last year.

Because as business owners (especially those with perfectionist tendencies), we don't always get a chance to brag about ourselves and truly celebrate our accomplishments.

You can do this exercise at any time. The start of a new month, the middle of a quarter, before or after goal setting and planning.

Action Step For You:

Grab a blank piece of paper, or a new page in your notebook and write down your brag list. Don't leave anything out, even the little things that may seem insignificant. No one is grading you on this and there are no wrong answers. And when you can't think of anything more, ask your closes friends and family. They likely have a few things that you haven't thought of yet.

Every year comes with its challenges, disappointments and hard times. It can be easy to write off the whole year thinking everything sucked when it didn't. Take the time to see what actually happened, because it's usually those little things that make the biggest impact.

I'm sure you have a million instagram posts, stories or other emails telling you the same thing, or prepping you to plan and prepare. It's also okay to just sit back and reflect, and feel how this year, month or week truly went in all it's messy, amazing, glory (because we're all human after-all).

How are you going to celebrate that brag list you created? To celebrate how far you've come this year, whether that was just inches or miles (because it all matters).

Ideas to Celebrate:

Take an afternoon off to read a book, go on a coffee date with a friend or just yourself. Go to the spa (that's what i'm doing!) Treat yourself to dinner, lunch or brunch. Go see a movie. Buy a new journal or book. Get a mani, pedi or massage. Burn a candle and take a bath. Etc.

Tell me below, what are three things you are so PROUD of yourself for?

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