How to Get Past Feeling Like You're Enough


How to Get Past Feeling Like You're Enough

We are now halfway through the year, and maybe you’re little like me, where you're feeling like:

  • You haven't done enough

  • You haven't booked enough clients

  • You don't have enough of your shit together

  • You haven't made enough goals

  • Your goals aren't good enough

  • You haven't gone to enough workout classes

  • You don't have enough time

  • You aren't making enough

Maybe one or more of those resonated with you? Because all of those have gone through my head once or twice over the past year. AND IT IS HARD because as business owners we are constantly inundated with messages that relate to all of that, whether directly or indirectly.

One thing I keep coming back to though to help keep me in check is to take small, small steps towards my goals and focusing on tiny steps, habits or behaviours that will help me move forward over time.

I recently read Daring Greatly, By Brene Brown and underlying just about everything (there are so many gold nuggets in that book). But mostly I'm learning and leaning into the concept that "I am Enough." Right now, as me, just the way I am, I am enough. And knowing that nothing will change that, there is no goal, status or piece that needs to happen in order to be enough. Trust me when I say, this is a constant work in progress as social media and my inner ego floods me with the opposite.

I'm trying to hone in and focus on what works for me and my business and ignoring the rest of the noise. For me, this means focusing on platforms that spark joy as Marie Kondo says and work for me and my business. I'm focusing on the areas that I need to focus on, not the areas someone else thinks is best. Not the fluffy stuff, but the real income generating projects that are actually going to make an impact for me. Not the busy work that isn't going to give me any return.

That freedom of letting go of all the rest is so POWERFUL! Because it gives me permission to just be me and not what everyone else thinks I should be doing instead.

The comparison game has been strong for me recently, especially with launching this new business, and getting back to my roots as I start over and start to build something new. It has me looking around and seeing all the other amazing things other business owners are doing, and that’s when the comparison comes in. But the truth is, my story is nothing like theirs. And it doesn’t matter what they are doing in their business, it matters what I am doing.

I am focusing on staying in my own lane, and when that feeling of doubt, comparison or even jealousy comes in, I’m practising saying “great for them, not for me right now”.

Perhaps you need the same permission slip I need, that it's okay to say no to what isn't working and just focus on what feels good instead.

How to get past feeling like you’re enough:

  • Write out all the things that make you “enough” right now. This could look like a self love list, everything you’ve accomplished already, all the reasons why you’re qualified to do something etc.

  • Dig into the feeling and try to uncover what has you feeling like this? Is it someone else’s standards? Is it society telling you what you should be doing?

  • Re-align with your vision, and your definition of success. What do you really want?

So what are you focusing on in your life that isn't actually serving you? What things are you saying to yourself that is related to being "enough"? Drop a comment below!