I am so excited to get started on our project together, and so grateful that you're here! This is a place where you can begin to learn all about my process and start to get in the headspace needed before we begin your project. 




Email is my main source of communication, and it’s where my to-do list lives. If there is anything you need regarding your project, if you have any questions, concerns, or want to add something on, email is the best place to reach me.

Video Calls + In Person Meetings

Your 2-hour strategy call will be done over video chat (for those that are not local to Calgary), or in-person if you are local to Calgary. This is the only time we will be officially meeting, and all other communication will be through email. However, I completely understand the need to discuss concepts, or talk through some questions etc. I am available by phone or any additional meetings, we will set these up as needed!

Homework + Strategy Call


All of your homework is ready for you in your Dubsado account. There are a few forms to work through, and I suggest you take a look at everything right now, and slowly chip away at each form over the next little bit. These are SO IMPORTANT for setting the foundation of your business, and allowing me to get a clear idea of your current brand and where you want to be.

Just note: there is no such thing as a wrong answer, or doing it “right”. Write what feels best and most true for you.

Strategy Call

Ideally these happen at least a month out from your “start date”. The timing of these meetings is important for getting your website content started. My copywriter will be working behind the scenes before we even start to get your content started and ready to go before the design phase starts.

All of your forms + homework is due 24 hours before your start date so I can review before we chat!


Case Studies

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely buzzing with excitement, anticipation, and questions of how is my project going to go?! Here are a few recent brand clients of mine to mosey over before we get started, and to get you excited!

These PDF documents are very similar to what you will receive as well. You’ll notice that the first part is all foundation building with specialized brand strategy (written by a professional copywriter). These are amazing for handing over to contractors, partners, or even just clearly explaining what you do to others!

The second half is all the design, and you will notice that everything is set as a mock-up so you can understand how your brand is actually going to be used. All of these mock-ups and design decisions are rooted in strategy, and you’ll notice all the notes on the side bar explaining the choices.


curating images for your website

For Photographers

As you start to curate images for your new website, I recommend starting a folder where you can drop you absolute favourite images, and you feel represent your work and the work you want to continue doing.

There isn’t really a magic number of images to have, as each website varies, but I suggest having about 20-30 images in a folder that I can choose from. Don’t forget to include a headshot of yourself too!

As you curate your images, please ensure that they are a small file size so they can be uploaded easily. Each photo should be less than 1MB. You can easily do this by creating a new Lightroom catalogue, import your favourites, and then re-export.

 Finding Great Images

Photography is one of the biggest design elements of your website. We could create a stunning website, but if your images don’t reflect your brand, then it’s going to fall flat. I highly recommend working with a professional photographer in your area to create custom branded photos, that reflect your new brand we are working so hard to create. If you need recommendations of where to look, please let me know!

If hiring a photographer is not an option for you, stock photography is the next best thing! These are some of my favourite websites to curate photos from: