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Questions you need to be asking your designer

Hiring a new designer can be a little un-nerving. You’ve never worked with them before and you may be a little nervous, unsure of what to expect, or not really clear on what you’re exactly receiving at the end of it all. By asking the right questions, and expressing your concerns from the start, you will not only build a stronger relationship with your designer, but also ensure there's not confusion or disappointment. 

Just like hiring an employee, business coach, photographer, decorator etc., you should have some questions ready to make sure you’re a good fit, and that you’re receiving everything you expect to. 

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Setting expectations when you have a new logo designed

You’ve recognized that you need a new logo design, and even gone as far as finding the right designer for the job (Hooray! That’s already a huge step). But even after all that work of planning, saving, and booking your designer, there’s still some things you need to do for the project. A large portion of the work falls on the designer, but you ultimately need to make the decisions and also do your part to make this a successful relationship. 

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