Setting expectations when you have a new logo designed

You’ve recognized that you need a new logo design, and even gone as far as finding the right designer for the job (Hooray! That’s already a huge step). But even after all that work of planning, saving, and booking your designer, there’s still some things you need to do for the project. A large portion of the work falls on the designer, but you ultimately need to make the decisions and also do your part to make this a successful relationship. 

There are a number of things you’re responsible for in the project, which Is something I lay out to all my clients before they even book. 

Setting expectations when you have a new logo designed. On Little Dot Creative


Be super clear about your goals

Some of your homework requires your goals to be written down so I can get an understanding for the future of your business, and ensure that your designs will be aligned with these. You new logo needs to be able to grow with your brand and withstand all your hopes and dreams for your business.

Unfortunately I can’t help you figure these goals out, they need to come from within. If you’re feeling confused, lost or unsure of where you want your business to go, I suggest holding off on booking and hiring a business coach to help you figure that out. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to book, and trust me, you will be happier to have a design that truly reflects your business and grows with you instead of a design that will be irrelevant in 6-months because you’ve changed your direction. 

Put your decision making hat on

Being decisive will help move things along. I completely understand that you will need time to look at the project, and might even need some outside advice. However, the decision is ultimately yours and getting your entire extended families opinion will only confuse you. Make a list of a few people whose opinions matter, and you know will be constructive. Send your designs to them for a second opinion to help you make the choice, but remember that you’re the owner of your business, you know it inside and out, and your opinion is what matters most. 

Get all your stuff together

Make sure you’ve completed all the homework that’s been given to you. Take the time to read it through, and answer the questions over a series of days. The longer you’re bale to ponder it, the better shaped your answers will be, and in turn, the better your logo will look and serve it’s purpose. 

Be available

To answer questions and give any feedback. Making yourself available will ensure that there are no delays in our project. Once I start working on your project, the last thing either of us wants is to loose momentum. Being too busy, disappearing or making yourself unavailable will hinder any momentum we have going. If I’ve committed time to your project, I expect the same in return.


Provide you with everything included in your package

This one may seem obvious, but It’s an important point nonetheless. I charge based on package prices not hourly. I have been on the customer side of projects that end up taking twice the amount of time, and I end up loosing out on items because it’s going to cost me more. I never want that to happen to you. What we build as a package together (more info here) is what you’re going to get.

On the other end of this though, if you feel you’re going to need more or need to add another item to the project, the best time to do this is at the start. I totally understand that halfway through the project you may realize you really need that extra item and I would love to do that for you, but depending on other bookings I have, it may not be possible right away. Just make sure you're communicating anything that comes up with the designer and see if something can be worked out.

Give advice and tell you the truth

When it comes to design, I know what i’m talking about. I’ve had years of experience in this field and I know what works and what doesn’t (which is why you hired me!). I welcome your ideas for your design, after all it’s your business, and you know it through and through. I’m happy to give you advice and guide you through the design explaining why my design works along with what I tried and didn’t work. I also believe in telling the truth, if you have an amazing idea you will know! If I believe that a change or suggestion won’t work, I will explain why that is.

I also have experience with online marketing, running a business, blogging and social media. As we work through your business, process and homework questions may come up about your business and I am more then happy to offer advice and help you through that. 

Ensure you’re comfortable using your new look

You’ve just invested in your business and you have a snazzy new look to prove it. But what about after? How are you going to use it? What if it doesn’t look the same, or you don’t know how to use the brand guidelines for other items? Don’t worry, i’ve got you covered. My door is always open, and if you need feedback, advice or help with something after our project is done, I’m here for you. 

Every client walks away with a PDF of their brand guidelines, which helps you with those new items that will pop-up. 

Be available

During the project, I’m available for questions and feedback. When we book our start time, I always make sure it also work for me. I don’t want there to be any delays in our project, or loose any momentum once it gets started. Just like you’ve committed time to our project, so have I.

What are your expectations for a new logo design? Do you have any questions? Post below in the comments.