Saturday Links 03

The internet is one of my happy places, and there are so many great things that are shared, posted, written etc. on a weekly basis. I want to share things that have resonated or connected with me each week. 

Since starting this business full-time, I've been struggling with feelings of imposter syndrome. I'm quickly learning that it's very common in the online world, and every business owner feels it. I've included a few links that have been helping me, and will help you too if you're struggling. 

Grab your coffee and click through!

Saturday Coffee 03 | Links about business, design, blogging and branding on Little Dot Creative

Sometimes you just don’t want to do the work. Use this ten-minute technique, it will change your life.

Small acts can make someone's day. 

5 things to consider before hiring a designer.  

I’m working my way through Caitlin Bacher’s Bossy Biz Social Media course and it is a goldmine! So excited to implement her strategies.

And as a result, I'm posting more to Instagram and twitter. Are you following me?

This post by Olivia about imposter syndrome. If you're going to read anything, read this. I’ve been full time for about four weeks now, and I feel this every single day. It’s so refreshing and supportive to hear that everyone else feels this way. 

Amanda Genther outlined exactly what she did to build her e-course. This was an amazing in-depth look at her process! I highly recommend bookmarking for later if you're not launching anything yet. 

Have you seen the Blog Market? They have awesome articles and resources for everything blogging related.

Do you ever feel like the online world is a clique, and you’re on the outside? I’ve been there too. Read this.

If you’re suffering from imposter syndrome or are having trouble communicating why people should hire you, read this.