Saturday Coffee 02

The internet is one of my happy places, and there are so many great things that are shared, posted, written etc. on a weekly basis. I want to share things that have resonated or connected with me each week. 

Grab your coffee and click through!

Saturday Coffee- Links from around the web on

How to write your about page. They have a great exercise for getting started.  

Creative Market published their year in review and it's amazing!

Creative Market is a fabulous resource for creative entrepreneurs. Be sure to sign up for their free goods of the week.

Jamie from Spruce Rd. blogged about setting up your illustrator workspace. 

Are you looking to practise your design skills? Check out Brief Box. They give you pretend clients with a design job to practise your skills. You can even submit the work for review from other members!  

Any hand letter junkies? Check out this post for inspiration

A new way to approach goal setting, resolutions and big dreams for the new year. 

How long does branding actually take? An interesting read from Focus Lab, a design agency. 

I just joined my local chapter of the Rising Tide Society, an educational community for Creative Entrepreneurs. Check out their chapters here.