Saturday Coffee

The internet is one of my happy places, and there are so many great things that are shared, posted, written etc. on a weekly basis. I want to share things that have resonated or connected with me each week. 

Grab your coffee and click through!

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Just hire a designer already! Three reasons why you should just hire the designer instead of doing it yourself.

Elle and company talks about blogging, why it's important and how to make time for it. 

4 things to not do when asked what your rate is (this applies to coaches, businesses with products, etc. Very good read!)

I've been searching and searching for a planner to use next year, and I think i've finally found it! I had a list of criteria for my planner, and it felt like the planner didn't exist, so I'm so excited to try this one out!

Three questions to ask yourself every week. I love these and will be implementing them on a whiteboard in the office!