Your All-in-One Post Website Launch Checklist

So you’ve redesigned your website and now you’re ready for the rest of the world to see it. But imagine hitting publish and then hearing crickets. No one knows, you’re not getting any traffic, and all those hours and money you’ve invested isn’t being utilized. 

Planning your website launch can be easy as pie, it just takes a few days of planning on your end. Here are my tried and true ways to plan your website launch, and make sure it doesn’t flop. There’s even a sample schedule below to keep you on track. 

Your All in one post website launch checlist

Your All-in-One Post Website Launch Checklist

Get all your ducks in a row

It goes without saying, but make sure the following are taken care of:

  • Social links are linked correctly
  • All your newsletter forms work, you've tested them and you get your opt ins. 
  • Menu, footer and inside page links work. This one is tedious but oh so important! Try enlisting the help of a friend for this one, because after seeing your website so much, you may be missing some links you totally forgot about. 


Set up your launch about 7-days away from making your website live. This gives you enough time to get all your plans in order, give a heads up to your followers, and isn't too far out that people forget or loose interest. 

I don't recommend posting about this every single day for the next seven days, as it can get tiring for your followers/readers. UNLESS you are also giving some really solid, actionable content at the same time. You could plan a 7-days to better sales page copy, or 7 tips for getting the most out of your engagement photos, or 5 tips and tricks for re-styling your living room etc. That way they are engaged and able to participate in some amazing content, while also hearing about the launch.

Start a countdown a few days out

Email your list and post it on social media. You could even add a countdown timer to your cover page while you wait for the day to come!

Plan a giveaway

What better way to launch with a bang, AND increase those newsletter subscribers or social media followers than with a giveaway! You could even team up with other business owners in your market to do a joint giveaway. Bottom line: make sure the giveaway is something your audience actually wants and is related to your services in some way. 

Pro tip: make sure this is helping your marketing goals. Hook up the giveaway to your email list to get the most out of it. 

Tell your people! 

Share it on your social media accounts. Include an instagram post or two, a story, link on twitter, or custom graphic on pinterest to add to the hype. 

Email your list. They are your biggest, most engaged fans afterall! You could even send them a sneek peek the night before, so they get an advance look! 

Send a personal email to your online business friends. Give them an exclusive sneak peek! And ask for their support and help to spread the word on launch day. They will act as a second set of eyes, they have your back if there’s a broken link, misspelled word or photo out of place

Try sending a unique gift package to your business friends, or influencers in your market. (Check out this rad post from Paper + Oats) 


Pop the bubbly (champagne or apple cider or LaCroix) and do a little happy dance. Because even if website launches, tweaks and never-ending changes are the reality, you made it this far, and that's worth celebrating!

Sample schedule:

Two Weeks Before

  • Let your audience know the re-design is coming.

  • Finalize Giveaway details 

  • Introduce the giveaway to build some hype.

  • Create graphics for giveaway or site launch

One Week Before

  • Finalize any last details with your designer
  • Test all forms- make sure they’re sending to the right email, or are attached to the right opt-in form
  • Test all links (get help from a friend, you've been staring at the site too long)
  • Go through each page and comb through the copy, and photos (get help from a friend, you've been staring at the site too long)
  • Schedule a newsletter to send 

Day of

  • Publish site
  • Announce on all your social sites
  • Push giveaway

The ultimate guide to planning your website

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