My process for creating custom logos for clients (part three)

PART THREE: Revise & Build-out

So far we’ve covered problem definition and brainstorming. The last part of the process is refining and the brand build out. (One of the my favourite parts of the process).

My process for creating custom logos for clients (part three revise and build out) |


After brainstorming and sketching ideas out (both on paper and on the computer), it’s time to refine the look. I mentioned before that stepping away from the project, and coming back to it a day or two later, is really important. sometimes you can get stuck. Elements aren’t working together the way you want, the type isn’t doing what you want etc.

Have you ever seen this photo about the creative process? You see all those squiggly lines? That’s exactly where we are in the process. 


Your first ideas will never be the best ideas. There are tons of concepts that I experiment with, refine and then refine again. You have to understand that each concept you develop is a part of the brainstorming phase. Each revision you make, will make the piece stronger, and it’s okay to scrap those first drafts. 

It’s also helpful to get another set of eyes on the project. I have a few designers that I trust. I’ll send them the concepts, a brief outline of the project, what I’m trying to accomplish and who the target market is. All of those elements are important for deciding whether the concept works or not. Usually after showing it to others, I have more refining to do. Once it’s at a place i’m happy with, I share it with the client. 


When I send a concept to a client, I always include a short paragraph or outline of:

  • What I was trying to achieve (trying to re-iterate the words we chose, and the goals of the project)
  • Some insight into my decision making process (why included certain elements, or didn’t)
  • Questions  that open our communication and ask for feedback


Like I said above, the first sketches are not your best ideas. In almost every case, the client will have some thoughts on the design, feedback about what’s working for them and what isn’t. I take this feedback and incorporate what I can into the design, or change some elements based on their comments.

After a few rounds of these revisions, the client has a solid concept and we have a logo! 


After the logo is finalized, I am able to start building the brand into different materials. At the start of the project the client and I come up with the materials their business needs which include things like social media images, business cards, sales sheets, email opt-ins, workbooks, etc. 

This is one of my favourite parts of the process! I love using the concept we created in their logo and building it out into other materials. 


Once all the materials have been approved, I prep all the files for the client. I also include an outline of when to use what file, and how to edit some of the templates. Depending on each clients needs, I may also include a Skype or Google hangouts call to walk them through whatever they need help with. I want to ensure that each client is able to use their brand at the end of our project. It’s no use creating something amazing and beautiful, just for them to have no idea what to do with it next. 


  1. Your first idea won’t be your best idea. 
  2. Refine, refine, refine! The creative process takes time and refining the concept and artwork will help ensure it’s the strongest it can be.
  3. Educate your clients so that they can continue to use what you’ve just created for them.
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