Brand design for Making Home Base

Every client that works with me not only gets a unique and custom visual identity but also a system for how the elements work together and support each other. 

The best part of the branding process is building it out into their collateral items to create a cohesive and consistent look that not only makes them look more professional, but also makes it easier for them to use the brand after our time together. 

Today I'm revealing Making Home Base's new brand. This was a fun one for me as I also love home decor and DIY projects, just like Chelsea showcases on her blog. I'm excited to share the design process for her brand and give you a behind the scenes look at how I tackle branding projects.

Brand design for Making Home Base on Little Dot Creative


Step 1 | Research

Brand design for Making Home Base on

Every client starts with filling out an in-depth questionnaire that goes over their business. I ask questions about their mission statement, why they do what they do, and what their goals are for the next few years. Then we dive into questions about their ideal clients, what kind of personality their brand has, and what their goals are for the project.

This helps me get a well-rounded view of their business and highlight some keywords that appear and will also act as their brand's visual foundation. 

After that's filled out we hop on a skype coffee date to discuss the answers and address any other questions or concerns. I love hearing people talk about their business face-to-face because you can really see the passion pour out. 

Step 2 | Inspiration

Brand Design for Making Home Base on

Chelsea took the words that she wanted to represent her brand and created a Pinterest Inspiration board. Chelsea chose relaxed, real, fun, approachable, trustworthy, authority. She loves the coastal look and bringing some textures into her home projects, so we were sure to include that in her brand. 

Step 3 | Logo concepts

During our meeting, we also went over that she wanted her brand to be relaxed, real, fun, approachable, trustworthy, authority. 

Because of all that, I chose more structured fonts to be paired with more fun, relaxed and approachable fonts. The stronger type conveys authority and trust. The other fonts convey a more relaxed and real feel.

Chelsea really wanted to include some icons in her new brand, and I loved that idea so much that I included them in the first logo.

Simplicity was key in designing these, I didn’t want to overcomplicate things. I also wanted to make sure that we can build out the brand into other areas such as the website and social media.

Step 4 | Brand Board

Once the logo was decided on and approved. I moved onto creating the brand board which brings in other elements to give a well-rounded view of the visual identity. It includes the colours chosen from the mood board, font choices, the sub-mark and other elements which often includes web graphics. 

Step 5 | Collateral Items 

Each branding package includes a number of collateral items to help build the brand out. (it's also one of my favourite steps). Chelsea chose a new email opt-in, some images to help promote that opt-in and new email course she is releasing, as well as some blog post and social media templates. 

By building the brand from the ground up and including fonts, colours, and patterns we were able to create a system for Chelsea that she can continue to use a her blog grows. This is what Chelsea had to say about the project:

The process has been amazing and I love how thorough it was. I felt as though you worked hard to get to know me so that you could provide me the best design for my brand and you did!

You over-exceeded my expectations! You were always prompt at getting my designs to me. I felt as though you were reading my mind when I would receive my products. Super impressed.

What do you think of the new design for Making Home Base?