How to be a dream client (5 easy ways)

So you’re ready to hire your designer. You’re probably bursting with excitement and can’t wait to get the project started. Enthusiastic clients are great and I love when my clients are excited about this new step they’re taking. But you’ve invested a lot of money into this, and you want it go perfectly. Here’s five things you can do to ensure you’re a dream client and most importantly it will help the whole process run smoothly

How to be a dream client. 5 easy ways on


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your business. Brand development and visual identities take time, and so does planning them. Every project I complete involves client homework. I promise that when you take the time to complete the homework, and ensure you’re communicating everything you want, it will be returned to you ten-fold in your project.

I ask those questions and I ask you for inspiration for a reason. They more elaborate you are with the homework, and the more time you spend completing it, the better I can understand you and what you want. 

By delivering the homework, files, images etc. on time, we can ensure that you’re project will finish when planned. Keeping things organized will prevent you from scrambling when I ask for them, and will allow the process to run smoother. 


Ask questions when you have them. If there is a concern, bring it up, don’t wait until you’re to far into the project to address it. I want you to feel comfortable, there is no such thing as too many questions. If you don’t understand a decision, or how to use a template etc. please let me know! 

I also love getting to know my clients, so don’t be afraid to open up too!  


The one part of my business/craft I really enjoy is collaboration. Those three dots in my logo represent how I approach projects. The three circles include you, your business and me. Without those three working together I couldn’t do what I do.

I love to hear your ideas and suggestions, but remember that you’re hiring me for my expertise. You may feel uneasy giving up complete creative control (and that’s not what I want from you either), but together we can create something you will love. Allow yourself to open up to new ideas and concepts, and you just might surprise yourself with what you choose!


I allow clients to book their project start dates from a calendar that I send them. It’s very important that you choose a start date that works for you. Throughout the project I will need you to be responsive, communicate quickly, and have the ability to make decisions. If you foresee any problems or know that it’s going to be hectic time for you, it might be a good idea to re-book.

If something suddenly comes up, let me know. We’re both business owners, and deserve to know when deadlines can’t be met. Even a quick email will do with a simple “hey this is what’s going on, I may be MIA for awhile, I will let you know when i’m back”. Life happens, and emergencies could occur at any moment, just remember to communicate that to me.


Be respectful of my work, process and other peoples work and process'. It’s not fair to come and say I loved Sally Sue’s website and I want one just like that. Or to say that Jane Dear does the same thing in 1-week, why I can’t I get my project done sooner? We are all unique creatives (including you!) and each person has their own process or way of doing something. Trust in the process, and don’t disrespect it. I communicate timelines, pricing and process to all of my clients before the project starts. If you’re designer doesn’t do this, be sure to ask so that you’re all on the same page. 

Most of all, remember that designers are people too, and business owners just like you! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re all so similar, and should be treated how you want to be treated.  

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