Get your business ready for 2016

There’s something exciting about being able to start fresh and make new goals. At any point during the year you can revisit, revaluate and start all over. But the start of a new year just seems to be the perfect time to start fresh, make new goals and clean up items from last year. Here are five easy things you can do right now to set your business up for success. 

Get your business ready for 2016 | 5 things you can do right now. On Little Dot Creative


A really easy way to spruce up your website is refresh some of the photos or graphics. Take a look at your product photos or portfolio items, and change up some of the photos. You can also change up some of the graphics (Canva is a great resource for this, but I can also give you a hand if you’d like! Send me what you’ve got and we can come up with a plan). Changing the graphics can be as simple as making sure all the fonts and colors are cohesive and easy to read. 

Did you add some new clients last year? Grab some testimonials from them and add it to your website. Use updated photos of your projects and add them to your portfolio page. If you don’t have any new work to add, it can be as simple as updating some of the graphics/photos to give it a fresh new look.

Check out Death to Stock Photo, Unsplash, PicJumbo or Creative Market for some photos. I searched “work" and got this one below). 

5 things to get your business ready in 2016 on Little Dot Creative


Go through your email right now and unsubscribe from 5 different newsletters that you don’t read. If you’re anything like me, you’ve opted in to a lot of different newsletters, but don’t even read half of them when they come into your inbox. Go unsubscribe from those! If you end up missing them, you can always go back and re-opt in. 

Another tip is to tag all of these newsletters as such in your Gmail account. You can set it up so that emails are automatically added to a specific folder, and you can just go in there as needed and read what you want. This will help save wasted time cleaning up your inbox on a daily basis. 


I’ve seen a few websites recently that still have “Now booking for October 2015” written under their availability information. This tells me that they haven’t taken the time to update their website since early October or even months before that. I understand that being an entrepreneur takes a lot of work, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but schedule 15 minutes every month to update that one section on your website. It’ll be the easiest update you do.


What’s two goals you’re working on this month, or within the next three months? Write them down, and post it somewhere above your desk, or on your mirror or fridge. Look at them every day and make sure you’re making those small steps to reach that bigger goal.

If you want to go one step further, post them on a Facebook group and ask for an accountability partner. Find someone who is willing to check up on you and see if your making progress. Offer the same thing in return and schedule your check ins once a week.


Is there a course you’ve been eyeing for a while? Do you need new images for your website? How about a copy refresh? Or a brand new logo to level up your business, and start the new year on a fresh note? Take some of that money you got over the holiday and invest it in yourself. It can be as small as $100 for a new course, or even putting that aside to save for a larger item. 

How are you getting your business ready for 2016? Do you need help with a new logo or website graphics? Contact me, I would be thrilled to help!