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Get the most out of your squarespace website

Squarespace has come a long way even in the two years I have been using it. They are constantly adding functionality, unique features to make your life easier, and adding new apps to integrate with each other.

While Squarespace may be a templated website, that doesn't mean that you can't have a unique design, or have some of the same functionality as a wordpress website. You just have to open your mind to solving the problem in a different way, and looking for unique things to make your website stand out. 

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Why you need to hire a designer for your website

As a business owner, I completely understand that money is tight. There are a lot of things you need to invest in, and deciding where to put your money and energy can be a tough choice. Some areas you’re going to have to do it yourself but your branding and website are NOT one of those areas. 

Some think an alternative to this would be to have a designer create a brand for you, and then you DIY the website using Squarespace or a pre-made Wordpress template. Sounds like a great compromise right? 

Hiring someone to take over both areas is so important and here's why.

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The ultimate guide to planning your website (with a free workbook)

Planning your website (whether it’s your first or just a spruce up) is so overwhelming. Where do you start? The copy, images or design? Should you switch platforms, or stick with what you’ve got?

Today i’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to planning your website (with a free workbook to help you out). There is a ton of work that goes into setting up a website. Today we’re going step by step through all the areas you need to consider when planning yours. 

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