Branding Design for Bourbon & Honey


Bourbon & Honey Brand Design

Bourbon & Honey is a content marketing studio in Calgary, AB that specializes in telling your brand story. Brittany came to me after deciding her brand need to "grow up" and help her achieve all the big goals she had for herself. 

Bourbon & Honey helps businesses tell better stories. Developing good content, and creating stories can be a struggle for business owners, and Brittany is able to help create exceptional content that connects with their audience, builds trust and revenue.

Brittany uses her values: simple and beautiful to guide all of her decisions, content development and design ideas. We used that for the base of her brand, as well as incorporating effortless, meaningful, balanced, and approachable.



The logo was created to be as simple as possible. Because this is such a big part of your brand, its really important that it is kept simple. We are able to add more personality, and extend the brand through the other marketing materials. 

I took some design cues and inspiration from packaging for both of these things. Most notably, the bourbon packaging. Every bottle has a seal on it, and most bourbon labels have this beautiful structure to them, which I incorporated in your marketing materials and business cards. 

The font choices were also taken from the relationship of the bourbon with the honey, and your brand values of simple and beautiful. The bourbon is a thicker, stronger, bolder font while the honey is a very simple, thin, dainty one. For your marketing materials, there is a mix of that stronger, bolder font, with a traditional one and again thin, feminine one. 

The colour palette includes lots of shades of pink, as you can see! While also including a nice yellow (for the honey of course).

While most of the brand is focused on the honey, simple and beautiful, we still needed a way to bring the bourbon aspect. On most bourbon bottles, and honey bottles too sometimes, there are little tabs that seal the jar, or are part of the label design. We incorporated that into her marketing materials to add that bourbon touch. 




Overall we were able to bring the simple, beautiful touch to the brand, while adding some unique elements to make it special


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