Business Strategy + Coaching for business owners that feel stuck.

Hey, I’m Megan!

My mission is to help business owners build and grow a business they love by tuning out all the noise and tuning into themselves instead.



About Me


A few months ago, I was working away on a business that was no longer fulfilling or exciting. I was overwhelmed, burnt out, unfulfilled, and doing things on everyone else’s terms.

I was doing work I thought I was supposed to be doing, and growing a successful branding + website studio (Little Dot Creative) but getting nothing from it.

When I was alone, I was battling thoughts of not being enough, doing enough, being good enough, far enough along or making enough. I felt like an imposter, chasing something I wasn’t connected to, listening to the advice of everyone else on what I “should” be doing.

It left me feeling completely unfulfilled and burnt out.

I was in my therapists office, when she asked me “how would you feel if you never designed another logo again?”

I stopped dead in my tracks.

It felt freeing.

It takes guts to listen, tune into yourself and say the answer you didn’t even know was inside you.

I didn’t want to design another logo. I left that meeting a little shocked, wondering what in the world that meant for my career, my business, my job.

Following that, was months of hardship, emotional freedom and deep discovering into what I actually wanted to do.

I built a vision for a new business, piece by piece, bigger than I ever imagined for myself.  

It was work. It required being completely honest with myself, and not holding back on anything, asking myself hard questions, and listening to hear the answer. The real answer, not the one that has kept me small and safe in the past.

It meant tuning out everyone else and tuning back into myself, my dreams, goals and vision.

Within two months, I completely pivoted my entire business. Piece by piece the vision came together. I had moments of pure inspiration and alignment and crafted a new business plan including, new service ideas and products that align with my bigger vision and version of success.

After experiencing first hand, the magic that happens when you tune into yourself, I am on a mission to share it with the world.


Growth happens when you’re willing to be honest with yourself about what’s working and what isn’t, and the courage to make it happen.


My Mission

Is to help you build and grow a business you love, on your terms, by tuning out all the noise and tuning into yourself instead.

I’m here to help you get unstuck, and back on track.


How I work

My Coaching Style

I believe in mindful, intentional, and strategic goal setting that is in complete alignment with your life and your definition of success.

Together, we set you up for success in all aspects of your life. I don’t believe in an “in your face” approach, or emphasizing what you “should” be doing. Instead, I like to focus on what feels good/right to each individual.

I believe in uncovering what success means to each individual and how to break away from what the industry or what other business owners are saying you “should” be doing.

I believe in mindfully pulling you away from the “hustle” mindset of running a successful business and into an intentionally selected, heartfelt business model that they are excited to execute each and every day.


You will walk away from our sessions feeling fired up, excited and more aligned with your purpose, goals, and what you need to do to move forward.


Why Me?

  • I've successfully built and run two businesses including Little Dot Creative (a branding and website studio) and ME + You Studios (a wedding and brand photography studio).

  • Helping people with business is one of my favourite things to do. I am a natural learner I've spent hundreds of hours scouring the internet for information, reading handfuls of books about different strategies and helping business friends create a business that is fulfilling and manageable to them.

  • For the past two years I’ve been the co-leader of our local Rising Tide Society group. Each month we plan workshops and events for 20-30 business owners, giving them resources to grow their business.

I believe in you, and I know the magic that happens when you tune back into yourself and ignore what everyone else is saying you should do. It’s my job to keep you accountable for what YOU want, not anyone else.


Certifications + Education

Bachelor of Communications in Information Design with a Minor in Marketing.

Life Coaching, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapy, and T.I.M.E. Techniques (fully certified in September 2019, through Yes Supply)

My Values


Community is the people who show up to help you become who you want to be, to pull you out from a rut and to cheer on your every success. Community means connecting with others. Being seen, heard and understood on a deep level. It is the people who are there for all the good, the bad and the ugly. It means having authentic, genuine, honest conversations about life, business and the messy middle.


Clarity is getting intentionally open on what you want out of your life. Clarity means knowing your business inside and out, knowing what is working for you, what isn’t and what parts light a fire in your soul. It’s giving yourself permission to follow what lights you up, and tune out all the rest.


  The Little Things


I’m an INFJ + Enneagram 5w6.


I believe in following your intuition and listening to your inner voice, always. You can also talk to me about anything Law of Attraction + Manifestation


Journalling, it has unleashed magic for me.


Skip the small talk, let’s get to the heart instead, tell me what you really want, and how you’re really doing. I love hearing about the messy middle, it’s where the heart and growth happen